Trauma Integrative Treatment Foster Care (TI-TFC)

Successes and Challenges in Developing Trauma-Informed Child Welfare Systems: A Real-World Case Study of Exploration and Initial Implementation
This article is a descriptive case study of the three states’ federally funded demonstration grants, focusing on the lessons learned during their exploration, installation, and initial implementation stages.

Trauma-Informed Care for Youth in Foster Care: Archives of Psychiatric Nursing
This paper describes information on 1) The effect of childhood trauma on children and adolescents, specifically maltreatment or neglect; 2) The current effective trauma-specific screening instruments available for mental health practitioners for children and adolescents; 3) Practice recommendations for the trauma-exposed child, including the importance of early identification and intervention as efforts to promote healing and growth and to provide substantial improvement in functioning.

The Atlas Project: Integrating Trauma-Informed Practice into Child Welfare and Mental Health Settings

This article describes the components of the Atlas Project and initial experiences with their implementation with Treatment Family Foster Care (TFFC) programs in NYC. It also discusses aspects of the Atlas Project that can inform future integration efforts.

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