In order to achieve timely, stable, and lasting reunification of families with children in foster care, the QIC-R, in partnership with local implementation sites, will identify, implement, test, and sustain interventions and approaches to support families to care for their children in their own communities.

Our Goals

Our goals in this work are to:

Create systemic change to promote comprehensive, holistic, family-centered reunification services and supports
Ensure that foster care programs and foster families serve as a support to, not a substitute for, parents and biological families
Achieve measurable improvements in timely and lasting permanency, placement stability, and family well-being
Ensure that the needs of children and parents are comprehensively assessed and addressed, and that communities develop a comprehensive array of services and localized family supports to build protective factors and thrive within communities of origin

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Email us qicreunification@ssw.umaryland.edu

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C/O The Institute for Innovation and Implementation
University of Maryland School of Social Work
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