Parents Anonymous

Parents Anonymous® Outcome Evaluation: Promising Findings for Child Maltreatment Reduction
Describes the findings of a national evaluation of Parents Anonymous group participants. Assessed whether their participation in Parents Anonymous was associated with changes in child maltreatment outcomes and risk and protective factors.

Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect: A National Evaluation of Parents Anonymous Groups
This evaluation assessed whether participation in Parents Anonymous mutual support groups was associated with child maltreatment prevention.

The Impact of Parents Anonymous on Child Safety and Permanency
A quasi-experimental design was used to examine the effectiveness of Parents Anonymous in improving outcomes in child safety and permanency in two large California counties.

Effectiveness of Parents’ Anonymous in Reducing Child Abuse

Explains the function of Parents Anonymous to counselors as a referral source, and determines if participation in this program self-help group affected parents’ self-concept, understanding of children, and abusive behaviors.

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