Illinois AODA Waiver Demonstration

Integrating Substance Abuse Treatment and Child Welfare Services: Findings from the Illinois Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Waiver Demonstration
This study focuses on the effectiveness of one service integration model that emphasizes linking substance abuse and child welfare services. The model includes the use of recovery coaches intended to increase access to substance abuse services, improve substance abuse treatment outcomes, shorten the length of time in substitute care placement, and affect child welfare outcomes, including increasing rates of family reunification.

Completing Substance Abuse Treatment in Child Welfare: The Role of Co-Occurring Problems and Primary Drug of Choice
This study identifies and determines the specific factors that explain the completion of substance abuse treatment for substance-abusing caregivers in child welfare who were enrolled in the AODA Waiver.

Integrated Services for Families with Multiple Problems: Obstacles to Family Reunification
The article focuses on examining whether it is necessary to go beyond assessment and service access to insure families make progress in each cooccurring problem area to achieve reunification.

Recovery Coaches and the Stability of Reunification for Substance Abusing Families in Child Welfare
The intervention was an integrated case management model where recovery coaches were appointed to substance abusing parents associated with an open foster care placement. A diverse group of families were randomly assigned to either a control group (services as usual) or an experimental group (services as usual plus a recovery coach). Multinomial logistic regression indicated that substance abusing parents associated with a recovery coach were significantly more likely to achieve a stable reunification as compared with similar families in the control group.

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