Family Drug Court

Effect of an Integrated Family Dependency Treatment Court on Child Welfare Reunification, Time to Permanency, and Re-entry Rates
This study examines the effect of participation in an integrated family drug court known as family dependency treatment court (FDTC) on family reunification, time to permanency, and re-entry into care.

Effects of Family Treatment Drug Courts on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare Outcomes
This study examined whether court, child welfare and treatment outcomes differed for families served through three family treatment drug courts as compared to a matched sample of families who received traditional child welfare services.

Outcomes of a Trauma-Informed Arizona Family Drug Court
This study examines outcomes of participants in the Pima County Family Drug Court (FDC) program with a trauma-specific component. The study looks at alcohol and other drug use, mental health, education and employment, housing stability, and reunification outcomes at baseline and with a 6-month self-report assessment.

Effects of a Multidisciplinary Family Treatment Drug Court on Child and Family Outcomes: Results of a Quasi-Experimental Study
This quasi-experimental study replicates previous research on Family Treatment Drug Courts by comparing parental substance abuse treatment and child welfare outcomes using propensity score matching.

    How Effective Are Family Treatment Drug Courts? Outcomes from a Four-Site National Study
    This study compares outcomes for 250 Family Treatment Drug Courts (FTDC) participants to those of similar parents who did not receive FTDC services in four sites. Results show that FTDC parents entered substance abuse treatment more quickly, stayed in treatment longer, and completed more treatment episodes.

    The Impacts of Family Treatment Drug Court on Child Welfare Core Outcomes: A Meta-Analysis
    This meta-analysis synthesized findings from existing evaluations to examine whether and to what extent FTDC participants achieved better reunification and safety outcomes than non-participants.

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