Engaging Moms Program

Increasing Family Reunification for Substance-Abusing Mothers and their Children: Comparing Two Drug Court Interventions in Miami
This study compares the effectiveness of the Engaging Moms Program (EMP) with a standard family/dependency drug court case management program on drug court graduation and family reunification.

    Dependency Drug Court: An Intensive Intervention for Traumatized Mothers and their Young Children
    This book chapter provides an overview of Dependency Drug Courts and specifically looks at the Engaging Moms Program implementation in Miami-Dade. A case study is included that illustrates how the program functions.

      A Randomized Pilot Study of the Engaging Moms Program for Family Drug Court
      This randomized pilot study looked at the effectiveness of drug courts over time as well as comparative effects of the Engaging Moms Program (EMP) versus Intensive Case Management Services (ICMS) on multiple outcomes for mothers enrolled in family drug court.

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