Eligible applicants are limited to state governments, county governments, and federally recognized American Indian/Alaska Native tribal nations with responsibility over foster care services. This competition is limited to the named entities because of the purpose of this grant: to support the timely, stable, and lasting reunification of families by preserving, nurturing, and strengthening parent-child relationships and supportive community connections and resources, including through the meaningful engagement of birth parents, foster families, youth, alumni of foster care, and other stakeholders. Therefore, QIC-R grantees need both the access and authority to assess and make changes in child welfare agencies and workforce practices. A designated state or county government, or tribal nation will lead the project as the primary applicant.

Application Materials

The QIC-R will identify and fund 5-7 LIS. Each LIS implements evidence-based, evidence-informed, or promising approaches or practices that are inclusive of comprehensive, culturally responsive, trauma-informed, and individualized services for youth in foster care and their families. The application and additional materials are listed below.

Quality Learning Collaborative

The QIC-R employs a Quality Learning Collaborative (QLC) format for selected local implementation sites (LIS) to learn from one another, gain support through an implementation science framework that uses data to adapt and refine interventions over time. Through this process, the QIC-R will produce manuals for replication in other child welfare agencies with the ultimate goal of transforming practice across the country to create timely, stable, and lasting reunification of families with children in foster care. Each LIS will select an implementation team to participate in the QLC of six to eight participants representing key roles and functions necessary to advance the identified intervention(s) and supports successfully. Participation in the QLC is required of chosen LIS.

During the grant period of four+ years, LIS are supported by the QIC-R through:

Responsive technical assistance
Monthly tailored webinars and learning opportunities
Monthly implementation team meetings
Centralized data analysis
Quarterly reports for all interventions
Bi-annual, two-day collaborative learning sessions (one in-person when travel safely resumes and one held virtually)

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